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What a gold mine Susan is! I came to her with a thousand passions, a variety of mismatched and un-honed skills, and a couple of business dreams. She dug right in and walked me through an amazing and insightful process to discover who I am, what I’m good at, what I truly desire to do in life, and how to begin going about accomplishing that.
Shannon Wasie
I was terrified of writing anything remotely close to self-promotion, filling resumes and applications with flat generalizations that hid the full extent of my accomplishments and concealed my potential. And then I met Susan.
Matt Kurek
Initially, my approach to interviews had been to prepare on technical projects and details of my work. This changed completely after meeting with Susan, as I learned all about the importance of the softer side of interviewing.
Nathaniel Keyek-Franssen
What a huge difference Susan made for our son! The whole process of marketing himself took the wind out of his sails, and he worried himself to a standstill. After working with Susan, he found direction, confidence, and enthusiasm. He regained his faith in his dreams. It was an amazing turnaround.
Rita Bowman
Susan’s coaching dramatically improved my interview skills. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, and cared about making sure I understood it. She gives honest, useful feedback. She prepared me for all types of interview questions, advising me not just on the content of my answers, but also the tone and how the answer would be perceived. I learned countless things I would never have thought of on my own. I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan’s coaching for anyone who hasn’t mastered the interview process yet.
Casey Ross
Susan is my mentor. I admire her because she is fair. She expects nothing but the best from me and in return will always go the extra mile to ensure my success.

Kassie Gram
Susan always wants everyone to be a high performer.
Greg Jackson
My immediate post-college experiences and coaching merely provided me interview skills, but Susan has additionally helped me build a foundational understanding of myself, my skills, and appropriate ways to advance my career.
Lindsey Eilbacher
Susan Penny Brown is a godsend for parents and young adults alike. She has the keen eyes and ears of a veteran interviewer, the bottom-line orientation of a business leader and the heart of a favorite aunt. Susan’s rigorous process for learning the ropes of landing a job goes way beyond what college students get at their career center.

Carol Ross
Susan helped me cut away negative self-images and conceptions, and taught me to reintegrate them so they are not weights, but rather conquered challenges that support my candidacy.
Matthew Kurek
Susan challenges and motivates people to perform at their best. Everyone whose career she touches is poised for success.
Jeanne Custy
After working with Susan, my instincts that she would help me grow in my career and that I would learn a great deal from her were realized!

Renee Streeter
Susan is a deeply insightful, strategic, person. She asks exactly the right questions- the kind that stop you in your tracks and simultaneously challenge the heck out of you and make you feel empowered to conquer anything once you figure out the answer. I am so grateful for my experience with her. Susan is a true gem in the world of coaching and career/life strategy. – Shannon Wasie
Shannon Wasie
I credit the confidence and interview know-how that landed me my first, full time engineering job to the coaching I had with Susan Brown. From mock interviews to the hiring manager’s perspective, Susan knows what interviewers want and expect from a candidate.

Nathaniel Keyek-Fransson
In a controlled, safe environment, Susan simulated interviews that let me clearly see speed patterns and mindsets that could have sunk my chances. Then she would give me excellent advice on how to be as clear and effective as possible.”
Matt Kurek
It’s gratifying to the core to launch a child, and Susan made that process easier for all of us – she did the work of advising and guiding, and we were able to support and love and to cheer like crazy when he received his first paycheck as an independent adult.
Deborah Keyek-Franssen
Finally…someone who understands the mind and motivations of the hiring manager is giving a leg up to introverts and others who don’t always interview well, but nonetheless would make great employees. As a parent, it was a relief to know that my son was learning from the best, and taking action based on what he was learning. Thank you, Susan, for helping my son get launched into the work world!
Carol Ross
My work with Susan has given me timely actions to take and has helped me pave the way towards a more long term vision for a career that I am excited about.
Lindsey Eilbacher
Susan is one of the most enthusiastic people I have had the opportunity to work with. She is a strong advocate for success.
Jeanne Custy
Susan’s guidance has been so helpful to me. She does not back down, and was relentless in rewiring me so that I was not trying to figure out what the interviewers saw wrong with me, but rather what I wanted them to see that is right with me. Thank you so much, Susan.
Matt Kurek
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