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Don’t Wait for Someone to Choose You.

Choose Yourself.

Resume + LinkedIn Profile + Cover Letters

Resume and Other Writings

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Use Language that Compels the Hiring Manager to Act

In this program, you’ll learn how to present yourself on paper and online in a manner that gets you noticed. Moving your resume to the top of the must-call list is about producing credentials that are impressive as a sample of the work quality the hiring manager can expect from you on the job. Once hiring managers see that you know how to play this game, that you’re professional, well-prepared, interested and willing to put out the extra effort, you will become their choice candidate before you even walk in the door.

  • Get Inside the Head of the Hiring Manager So You Can Write in His Language

  • Leverage Your Unique Talents to Differentiate Yourself from All Other Candidates

  • Incorporate Marketable Skills from Non-Professional Areas of Your Life

  • Make It Easy for Recruiters to Find You on LinkedIn

  • Craft Cover Letters that Place You at the Top of the Must-Call List

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Resume and Other Writings

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Paperwork Ready to Go But the Phone’s Not Ringing Enough?

Time Management + Organization + Laser Focus

The Effective Job Seeker

Focus on Job Search Activities with the Highest Probability of Success

Tap into the Hidden Job Market Where 80% of Open Positions Are Filled

This program teaches you to use the time you spend on your job search both efficiently (focused) and effectively (on the right activities). You’ll learn the mechanics of a professional  job search, from researching and getting in the door of companies you’re interested in to networking without shyness, nervousness, embarrassment or selling.  We’ll cover the hidden job market where 80% of hiring occurs, and also job boards, web site postings and working with recruiters. By the end of this program, you’ll be seen as a strong candidate who knows how to focus on a goal. Hiring managers will be impressed by your professional approach to your job search, and this will give you a competitive advantage before you even walk in the door.

  • Get Organized So You Can Greatly Expand Your Job Search Without Much Extra Effort

  • Manage Your Time by Focusing on Highest-Yield Efforts

  • Learn When Hiring Managers Will/Won’t Bend Job Requirements

  • Pursue Companies You Are Interested In, Not Just Those Interested in You

  • Become Proficient at Recognizing and Abandoning Job Search Dead Ends

  • Dramatically Boost Your Confidence in a Variety of Job Search Social Situations

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Effective Job Seeker

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Phone’s Ringing But Not Getting Enough Call-Backs?

Interview Practice + Hiring Manager Perspective + Unwavering Confidence

Ace Every Interview

Learn What a Hiring Manager Really Looks and Listens for in an Interview

Rise Above the Competition by Interviewing Far Beyond Your Experience Level

This program is for you if you believe the hiring manager has all the power in the interview room. (She does only if you let her!) Instead, develop the skills and deep confidence in your ability to interview so you can equalize the relationship and become worthy of your interviewer’s respect. Learn how hiring managers will interpret your answers to interview questions so you can evoke exactly the response you want. You will also master the subtle social skills that demonstrate you know how to fit in. Before this program is over, you’ll know how to trigger hiring managers to start imagining you on their team, right there in the interview room. Because these are the candidates who get the offer. 

  • Leverage Your Natural Talents to Present Yourself as a Unique Candidate

  • Practice Interview Techniques that Will Deepen Your Understanding of the Hiring Manager’s Perspective

  • Learn to Use Shyness, Nervousness and Awkward Situations to Your Advantage

  • Build Trust and Likeability through a Proper Handshake, Eye Contact, Wardrobe and Etiquette

  • Learn the Subtle Social Skills Hiring Managers Use to Decide Whether You’ll Fit In

  • Negotiate an Offer to Maximize Your Compensation and Benefits

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Ace Every Interview

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Save Me Money and Let’s Fast-Track All Three Programs.

Resume and Other Writings + Effective Job Seeker + Ace Every Interview

Land the Job You Really Want

End-to-End Support Throughout Your Job Search

Fast-Track Option Available 

This program combines Resume and Other Writings + Effective Job Seeker + Ace Every  Interview into a single offering. It is the perfect graduation, birthday or holiday gift for recent grads who need more coaching, practice and support than their college Career Services can provide. It will also quickly get back on track job seekers who’ve lost momentum and excitement about finding their next job. Ask about the the Fast-Track option, which allows you to accelerate the pace so you Land the Job You Really Want and are on a payroll fast. 

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Land the Job You Really Want

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Interview Coaching Success Stories

“I was terrified of writing anything remotely close to self-promotion, filling resumes and applications with flat generalizations that hid the full extent of my accomplishments and concealed my potential.  And then I met Susan.”  – Matthew Kurek
“Susan’s coaching dramatically improved my interview skills. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, and cared about making sure I understood it. She gives honest, useful feedback. She prepared me for all types of interview questions, advising me not just on the content of my answers, but also the tone and how the answer would be perceived. I learned countless things I would never have thought of on my own. I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan’s coaching for anyone who hasn’t mastered the interview process yet.” – Casey Ross
“I credit the confidence and interview know-how that landed me my first, full time engineering job to the coaching I had with Susan Brown. From mock interviews to the hiring manager’s perspective, Susan knows what interviewers want and expect from a candidate.” – Nathaniel Keyek-Franssen
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