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If You Dare to Dream It, You Can Have It.

Be Great on Your Own Terms.

My Career Coach Susan

Choosing to become a career coach was one of the easiest, most natural and obvious decisions I’ve ever made. Spending time with young adults like you allows me to give purely from the heart. Offering services that will forever change how you view your career fuels my work with incredible meaning. And living in the margins of exciting STEM careers challenges me to stay creative, open and curious. It is the best of all worlds for me, and from the first call you will feel my energy, excitement and deep commitment to your success.

Benefits of Career Coaching

  • Become the proactive owner of your career

  • Learn which careers match your talents, skills and work preferences

  • Craft a story that differentiates you from other candidates

  • Learn to work the hidden job market

  • Know exactly what you’re getting into before you accept an offer

  • Find deeper job satisfaction that you ever thought possible

  • Stand tall and confident, knowing you are on the right path

  • Fundamentally change your career trajectory

Every Coaching Session Seamlessly Integrates Three Aspects of Learning


Insight is a new way to look at yourself or your career, or what a hiring manager is really thinking during an interview.


Skills are the mechanics of each program, such as resume-writing, interviewing or making career decisions with confidence, clarity and certainty.


Practice is how we apply the Insight and Skills into a confident, articulate and powerful presentation of yourself. Stand out and command attention as you move forward in your career.

My Approach to Career Coaching

I approach coaching from a unique perspective because my talents and experiences are different from most other coaches. Instead of an HR, Counseling or Psychology background, I bring more than 30 years’ experience of sitting on the other side of the desk, hiring hundreds of young STEM professionals just like yourself, then enabling and promoting their careers.

The Foundation of My Career Coaching Practice

The foundation of my coaching practice is helping you get to know yourself, your strengths and your work preferences well enough to be able to make career decisions that you will instinctively, confidently trust. It’s a little more effort early on for a huge, huge long-term return, because it will fundamentally change the trajectory of your career.

How Career Coaching Works

To begin, you’ll receive a copy of the materials we’ll be using for our work together. We’ll progress through them at a pace you choose. Most often, at the end of each session you’ll be given a homework assignment to be completed prior to the next session. Recognizing that you have other responsibilities, I’ll always ask how much homework is a reasonable amount for the time frame.

My Personal Guarantees to You

Your coaching sessions will be 100% personalized to your individual needs.

The time you spend on career-related activities will be focused and productive.

You will have plenty of room to experiment so that you can find your own voice.

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