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My Career Coach Susan

Interview Coaching and Career Coaching Services

For Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Professionals

In The First Decade of Your Career

What Interview Coaching Can Do for You

How do you ace every interview, always get an offer and create a multitude of career choices for yourself?

By making a stunning impression before you even walk in the door. By demonstrating a professionalism and confidence far beyond your experience level. And by knowing yourself so well that you can answer all of those “soft,” behavioral questions with ease. In other words, you know exactly what hiring managers are looking to see and hear in an interview, and you’ve rehearsed enough to be able to deliver it every time without exception.

If you can make the hiring manager imagine you on his team, right there in the interview room, you will get the offer.

  • Paper and Online Credentials that command attention will increase interview opportunities

  • Well-organized and focused job search that uses your time and energy well will also keep you motivated and excited

  • Unwavering confidence, professionalism and solid interview skills will make hiring managers want to take action now

Professional First Impression

Command Attention

Resume + LinkedIn + Cover Letters

Discover and present your full potential. Introduce yourself in a manner that hiring managers intuitively understand. Make hiring managers have to meet you.

Organized & Focused Job Search

Create Opportunities

Time + Organization + Focus

Spend your time on job search techniques that produce results. Generate an abundance of opportunities. Land the job you really want fast.

Calm & Confident Interviews

Stand Out

Insight + Skills + Confidence

Gain deep insight into yourself and into the hiring manager’s perspective. Deliver answers with professionalism and polish. Develop unwavering confidence under pressure.

Total Inverview Coaching

End-to-End Support

Three Programs in One - Complete Education

Combine Resume and Other Writings + Effective Job Seeker + Ace Every Interview into a single package. Know you’re covered end-to-end AND save money.

Jump Ahead of the Competition & Into the Job You Really Want!

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What Career Coaching Can Do for You

Wouldn’t you just love to love Monday mornings?

Discover how your natural talents, interests, lifestyle and work preferences, and personality can be combined into a career that fits who you naturally are. That’s right: define your next career from the inside out rather than trying to fit into someone else’s job definition. This program is creative yet systematic and analytical – the perfect combination for STEM professionals. At a pace you choose, come to know yourself so well that you’ll make career decisions with clarity, confidence and certainty about what will and won’t work for you.

  • End job-to-job floundering, dead ends, boredom and work stress

  • Get paid for work that feels like play

  • Become a member of the envied 10% who love their career for the long term

Design a Career That Fits You

Insightful Self-Discovery

Talents + Interests + Preferences

Gain clarity about what is important to you. Design a career that will delight you and bring you unimaginable success.

Hourly Career Coaching

On-Demand & No Commitment

As Needed + Your Agenda + Never Expires

Don’t need a full program? Pay-as-you-go for pragmatic, actionable career advice that you can put to use right away.

Find the Career that Matches You & Turn Work Into Play!

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